Powerpoint zeepwinkel



Blauwe pepsi

Ik kan me nog herinneren van vroeger dat er blauwe pepsi te koop was. Ik vond het echt hele erg vies uitzien, maar de smaak was gewoon hetzelfde als gewone cola.


Op Art

Volg de instructies en kijken maar



Elke keer als ik over het marktplein naar huis fiets in Dordrecht ruik ik vis. Die gore lucht blijft gewoon de hele week hangen nadat het markt is geweest… NASTY!



I see there was something wrong wth the post about the last lesson!

No worries, I’ll post it again.

Last week we had to ‘feel’ images. I was blindfolded (again) and had to feel the lines of the image, by that lines I had to geuss what image I was feeling. The images I guessed right were the tree and the car. I didn’t got the image of the gun right, it had way to much curves and I think that cars and trees are way more simple to guess.

Oh and that Japanese guy was so much fun! I think he had a huge headache afterwards, lolz.



Happy birthday

Today is my dad’s birthday. I made an applepie and it smelled gooooooood ❤

I just have to wait untill tonight ’till I can have a piece of it



I was in Dordrecht today, looking for some schoolstuff to buy. When I was looking voor something in a store it smelled like old people and sweat, I wanted to get out of there as fast as I could.

My iPod

My iPod sometimes changes volume of sound automatically, so sometimes my music gets so loud all of a sudden! I ad this today, the woman sitting next to me in the train got a litte bit irritated by it =P

Lesson march, 28th.

We had to taste things while we where blindfolded, we also had to hold our nose, so we wouldn’t smell anything. I was scared of eating something I really dont’s like. Some tastes where potato, mango, apple, carrot and banana. I think the potato and carrot where really disgusting, it was all slimey. We had to do it in parts of 2, I was the first one, so I wasn’t able to see the food. Emma was the second one, and the one feeding me, so she’d already see what kind of food it was. The people wich had to go 2nd didn’t make as much mistakes as the fist group. It was very fun to do! 

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